Getting The Most Out of The News Feed

Read this guide to learn how to use & customize the Helium News Feed to increase your understanding and filter out the noise.

1.) Less scrolling and more thinking

Break the surface of information superficiality with content from the most insightful, interesting, and well-researched sources around. By removing distractions and focusing on deeper ideas instead of individual headlines, Helium distances you from the flood of provocative headlines and delivers you a stream of worldly, forward-thinking analysis.

At first, using the feed might be daunting— where are the cat videos and dramas of moms arguing in the comments section? Why is finding a simple, comprehensive narrative so difficult? Like most difficult (yet rewarding) endeavors, using the feed will require patience, discipline, and introspection before you can reap the full benefits.

Click here to see the sources that Helium uses (as well as some interesting sentiment analysis)

2.) Slow Down your online consumptions

Designed from the ground up to facilitate thoughtful contemplation, Helium intentionally juxtaposes different sources together so you have more time to think. Use the balloon icons link to cut through the headlines. Easily save articles to read later by clicking the red Pocket links or read the full article by clicking the title. To reduce FOMO and give you more personal space, the feed only updates every 4 hours and has a (customizable) maximum number of feed items. The news feed with an end in sight.

The average internet user spends over 6 hours online per day, often leading to information overload. With practice and dedication, Helium will help you grasp the true forces that are changing our world underneath the grabby headlines and short-term thinking of pundits and commentators. Helium’s goal is to maximize information quality in order to develop understanding in the shortest period of time. The feed optimized for understanding, not screen-time and ad-revenue.

3.) Balanced to Broaden your perspective

The internet makes it easier than ever for confirmation bias to take hold, subtly and subconsciously reinforcing our preexisting beliefs by preferentially showing us information that already aligns with our ideas and values. Helium will pop your filter-bubble by intentionally showing analytical information spanning political, social, and geographic creeds. When was the last time you really changed your mind? Using the Helium feed will compel you to let go of your historical narrative and adopt a more nuanced & accurate worldview. Practice using the feed by forcing yourself to read and integrate information from thinkers that you normally would not. Learn more about the world and yourself.

4.) Statistical Market Forecasts

Stay on top of the markets with our transparent market forecasts powered by statistics and advanced decision tree learning. See previous performance as well as a 90% confidence forecast cone. Learn more about the models by clicking “How To Interpret?” in the upper-right corner of models.

Under Customize on the top menu, you can add stocks/crypto to your feed. Or, use the topical search engine to find forecasts and and relevant news for publicly traded companies.

5.) Completely customizable

Exploring diverse ideas doesn’t mean you can’t Customize your feed to your liking. You can use custom keywords to populate your feed with your interests, hobbies, city, sports teams, profession, and more. Custom keywords give you more control over your news feed by letting you choose what you see, not groups/pages/users determining what you see (and what you don’t).

In addition, you can select from our predefined categories— following everything from Science to Sports.

Custom RSS Feeds allow you to keep up with your favorite blogs, authors, and sources. If you want, you can remove all news and only focus your feed on your keyword interests for maximum focus.