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Escape the exhausting 24/7 news cycle with balanced summaries over longer periods of time. Understand the most important details and perspectives while filtering out all of the attention-grabbing noise. Understand the bigger picture by reading from high quality sources that span political, geographic, and social dimensions. Helium’s AI is able to introspect on it’s own biases, so you can have a more objective reading experience.

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Every day, Helium’s AI reads thousands of articles from intellectually balanced sources, breaks them down by topic, then writes concise summaries from relevant perspectives so you can get to the point in less time.

Helium’s AI was trained to avoid emotionally charged language, prescriptive language, first-person language, and begging the question in order to write summaries as descriptive and accurate as possible. Helium’s AI also introspects to tell you it’s own potential bias.

With the never-ending flow of information on the internet, it’s impossible for a single person to read even a tiny fraction of all the new information that interests them. Get a leg up with unemotional & descriptive summaries that cut to the chase and acknowledge important different perspectives.

Get the high-level gist with concise summaries aggregated from balanced sources and stop getting caught in ad-driven internet rabbitholes.