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Every day, Helium scrapes over 60 top meme accounts from Instagram/Reddit, ranks the top memes, and sends them directly to your inbox. Always free. Choice of daily/weekly Memail. No ads.

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How It Works:

1.) Every day, Helium scrapes memes from over 60 of the best Reddit & Instagram meme accounts.

2.) After filtering duplicates, memes are ranked by a balance of total likes and relative number of likes (per meme account). Helium also accounts for the number of memes each account posts to ensure a properly diversified Memail to complement your balanced news feed.

3.) The top 10 memes are sent directly to your inbox. No ads. Always free. Unsubscribe whenever. Choose between daily and weekly Memail. Option to view Memail in browser.

4.) Unlike profit-obsessed social media companies, you can easily download memes and share memes cross-platform. No censorship.

Meme Search Engine:

On the memes page, use the search bar at the top to search memes. The internet’s most powerful meme search engine.

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For just $1/meme, send your favorite memes by mail (6" x 4" postcard size) with a custom message by clicking the :mailbox_with_mail: buttons.

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