Helium Autotrader: Automatically trade a balanced options portfolio

Helium Autotrader allows you to automatically trade the top ranked Short Volatility trades every day with hedges in order to construct a risk-balanced options portfolio.

How It Works

  1. Every day, find the top ranked Short Volatility trades

  2. Filter trades that will balance your portfolio market exposure (beta risk). For example, if you chose a neutral portfolio and you currently have lot’s of positive beta risk, Helium Autotrader will only look for bearish trades to put your portfolio back in balance.

  3. Filter trades based on current prices. Pass on trades with a price change that no longer makes the trade appealing. Filter out trades with tickers that are already in your portfolio to reduce risk.

  4. Leg into options trades for each new trade in your portfolio max # trades per day

  5. Hedge Trades. If your hedging is set to Short Volatility, Helium will attempt to balance each trade with another trade from a correlated ticker to help offset delta risk.

Portfolio Settings

  • Target Beta: Relative to SPY, do you want your total portfolio to be neutral, long, or short? Based on the positive drift of market prices, it might make the most sense to be “long” the market.

  • Hedging: For each new trade, Helium Autotrader will attempt to balance the delta risk with another trade from a correlated ticker. Choose from no hedging, Short Volatility Hedging, and Long Volatility hedging.

  • Max # Trades per Day: How many trades should Helium Autotrader open per day? If you enable hedging, the total # of daily trades will be double this number.

  • Max percent of portfolio per trade: What percent of the total value of your portfolio are you willing to risk (max possible loss) on each trade? Lower numbers are safer because you stand to lose less on any given trade.

  • Portfolio percent cash: What percent of the total value of your portfolio do you want to keep in cash? Higher values are more conservative.

  • Percent Profit Taking: What percent return on each trade will trigger early profit taking? A value of 50% will automatically close out trades that have over a 50% return. Calculated every 10 minutes in order to capitalize on big price moves (e.g a limit order at 50% profit would get bad fills if the price moves strongly in your favor)

Portfolio Greek Constraints

  • Delta Helium Autotrader will let you choose to be market neutral, bullish, or bearish. A neutral portfolio carries the least market beta risk.

  • Vega Helium Autotrader will always aim for long vega, or long volatility. Helium might sometimes be short vega in the middle of the return distribution, but will always be long long vega in the tails (Benefits from big increases in volatility).

  • Gamma Helium Autotrader will always aim for long gamma, or long convexity. Helium might sometimes be short short in the middle of the return distribution, but will always be long long gamma in the tails (Long Tail Convexity).

  • Theta Helium Autotrader will try to maximize theta, or portfolio carry over time, however theta will often be negative (negative carry) depending on your trades.

To access Helium Autotrader, enable it in your Helium Settings

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