Helium Balanced News Feed: How It Improves Your Thinking

In the 24-hour news cycle of conflicting narratives, it’s easier than ever to feel overwhelmed and confused. Constantly distracted by the never-ending flow of provocative headlines, we’re deprived of the time needed for thoughtful contemplation and analysis. To accurately understand our world, we need less volume and more depth. More perspectives and less sensationalism.

As we read news on our digital devices, incomprehensibly advanced algorithms lurk beneath the surface of our feeds, optimizing what we see for likes, reactions, screentime, and ads. Unconsciously, our intellectual curiosity and forbearance are being strangled by confirmation bias (reinforcing our preexisting beliefs), and recency bias pulling us into a never-ending news cycle dominated by that next big headline.

Fear not; Helium’s filter-bubble busting news feed intentionally gives you politically and socially diverse, multi-perspective information designed to increase your awareness and wisdom. Deepen your understanding of politics, social trends, business, and markets by surrounding yourself with a politically balanced curation of the best journalism and information the web has to offer. Curated news stories feature multiple sources so you can understand the bigger picture. Unlike existing feeds, Helium does not have ads and we don’t track you across the web.

Slow Down Your News Consumption

Unlike traditional newsfeeds that thrive on the latest happening, Helium’s news feed updates every four hours so you can have more room for thinking and fewer distractions.

Elevate Your Perspective

Helium’s algorithm aggregates news stories and juxtaposes different sources together so you can enlighten your understanding and challenge your pre-existing ideas. By easily seeing what different authors think, your brain will create a more realistic and grounded model of reality.

Read Across the Political Isle

Helium intentionally features thoughtful sources from across the political isle. Now, you can read the Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, The Guardian, and The Financial Times all in one feed. More rationality, less clickbait.

Balanced News Feed

By random sampling from our collection of high-quality (and customizable) sources, Helium reduces potential algorithmic bias from your feed. Random sampling also allows Helium to reduce popularity bias— likes on social media is a poor proxy for the journalistic quality and nuanced analysis.

More Robust Than AllSides

While Helium and AllSides share a similar vision, Helium offers two distinct advantages:

1.) AllSides suffers from “Bothsidesism” by providing a false sense of equivalency between certain perspectives when the evidence does not justify it. Helium overcomes this by randomly juxtaposing articles from diverse, respected news sources without any human input. Helium compels you to think for yourself instead of displaying news items in terms of “left” or “right.” Reducing political and social discussion to a linear one-dimensional axis like left vs. right removes the complexity and nuance necessary to obtain a deep understanding of the world.

2.) By grouping news sources into categories (e.g left, right, and center) any intellectual heterogeneity within publications is ignored. It’s not uncommon for WSJ to publish left-leaning commentary or for the New York Times to publish a conservative opinion article. Labeling an entire news organization as “conservative” or “liberal” is a dangerous (and often wrong) oversimplification.

News Feed Demo: https://heliumtrades.com/news/