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Every day, Helium scrapes over 60 meme accounts from Instagram/Reddit, ranks the top memes, and sends them directly to your inbox. Always free. Choice of daily/weekly Memail. No ads.

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How It Works:

1.) Every day, Helium scrapes memes from over 60 Reddit & Instagram meme accounts.

2.) After filtering duplicates, memes are ranked by a balance of total likes and relative number of likes (per meme account). Helium also accounts for the number of memes each account posts to ensure a properly diversified Memail to complement your balanced news feed.

3.) The top 10 images and 2 videos are sent directly to your inbox. No ads. Always free. Unsubscribe whenever. Choose between daily and weekly Memail. Option to view Memail in browser.

4.) Unlike profit-obsessed social media companies, you can easily download memes and share memes cross-platform. No censorship.

Stay updated with the funniest memes and spend less time on social media.

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